Cannot connect Yeelight pendant lamp to app

Since yesterday the Yeelight pendant light showed offline in the Yeelight app. I also have other Yeelight bulbs which is operating okay with the app. I have tried to connect to other servers (Mailnland China, Singapore and others) but with no result.
I have resetted the pendant light more than ten times and I still cannot connect/ add the pendant light to the app.
Really appreciate your assistance on this.

After many tries with my iPhone I used my iPad to connect the pendant light with Yeelight app. And luckily I managed to connect the pendant light to app now. I really have no clue why it worked.

Could you please give us more information? Which step are you stuck in?

I think this is exactly what happened to my crystal pendant. Unfortunately I don’t have an Ipad to try. So its down to just turning it on and off from the mains for now

It has been fixed by using iPad in stead of iPhone to connect to app.

Please install our new version app and have a go.