Yeelight LED BULB (Color) doesn't list my wifi network

Already reset the configuration (on and off 5x), when I will configure through the Yeelight app does not list any wifi network.

Note: I can view and connect to the yeelight-light-xxx wi-fi network, but the Yeelight app does not list my network so I can enter the password.

Are you on a wireless 2.4 gz wireless, 5 gz is not supported. (IOW Wireless-G only).

Also, when you are in the yeelight app at the point showing the networks, you can pull down on the network list and it will refresh. I have several wireless networks blasting here and it often takes me a few swipes for the app to see the network.

Yes. Now it worked, I don’t know exactly what I did that made it work, but I deleted the app just like all the data on my iPhone (I had already set up Yellight again and lost the settings), and it works.

Could you please tell us more information? iOS or Android? App version?

In case you were asking me, I’m on Android App version 3.2.15. I have a couple of virtual wlans running via dd-wrt on dlink dir859 hardware and I have to refresh a few times before the app sees the one I want. I didn’t really think too much of need to refresh a few times but perhaps the fact that several essid’s are bound to one mac address might be unexpected.

One thing that was a bit disturbing was that, if I deleted a network from the app. After I reload the app the network shows up as ‘saved’ and it still remembers the passcode, I’ve deleted one several times while attached to both US and China servers.

Also, because I have several wireless nets, I notice that, after setting up a device, that app doesn’t restore the wireless association to where it started. It appears to pick one of my networks and connects to it. Again, I’m a fringe case but just to pass it on.

I`m using iPhone (iOS 13.1.2) with Yeelight v3.1.83.

I had set up the lamp before and it was working, but due to turning it on and off a few times inadvertently ended up resetting, after this I had difficulty reconfiguring as mentioned above.

After that I tried to reconfigure but the lamp didn’t list my home wi-fi so I could enter the password. I was only able to resolve after deleting the Yeelight app and all data saved on my iPhone (It’s not just uninstalling the app).