Could not add yeelight color bulb

Hi, I could not add the yeelight color bulb and I’m stuck at the select wifi network stage even though I’ve connected to the yeelink-light_xxx network it still aked me to connect to the yeelink-light and return to the mi home app. Does anyone know how to fix it?
I’m on the ios 13.1

Seems this is a compatibility issue in iOS 13, we will take a look at the issue. Currently, you can connect the bulb with an Android.

Thanks hope u fix the problem with the yeelight ios also, tried and only success on android

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You can use our Yeelight iOS app to connect the bulb.

same problem here,using 13.1.3, tried on/off more than 10 times, forever stuck at 25% and i saw this problem already exist since 2017(other yeelight forum)…more than 2 yrs and not resolved…