Wi-Fi on iphone.

I just bought a lamp and I can not do the first setup because it is not possible to change the network name in the Yeelight app.

I use IOS 13

What to do ?

I don’t quite understand you question, where do you need to change network name in Yeelight app?

In the Yeelight iPhone app it is not possible to choose my wifi network. I solved using an android to configure because on iphone is not possible. Wi-Fi network name field is locked

I see, we have received same feedback the same as you, seems there’s something wrong with Yeelight in iOS 13.

We will take a look at the issue and fix it very soon.

By the way, do you grant location permission for Yeelight?

Yes i do

Any update on this? I’m having the same issue and can’t install any of my yeelight products.

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Hi, could you please give us the snapshot of the location permission for yeelight granting page?

hello team, I have exactly the same problem in iOS 13 !! but what do you mean by “site permission” ?? in French it tells me not much … yes because I do not speak English ^^ thank you

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The same problem with an iPhone. When exactly you will fix this problem?