YLXD10YL Does not work!!help me

YLXD10YL turns on from the switch 2 times
Drop to the factory does not work, the application does not look for it at all
When turned on, the moon mode blinks in all colors and then the light turns on
When turned on, it changes color every half hour if you turn it off from the remote control he turn on himself after 30 minutes
What to do?

It seems the lamp is in factory mode, please have a try to verify if it if in:

Setup a hotspots with your phone with SSID name “miio_default” and password “0x82562647” to see if the lamp connects to it automatically, if yes, it means it is in factory mode.

Steps to quit factory using remote, press the button in sequence: OFF + - + - OFF.

When the lamp receives the command correctly, it will breathe to blink, and after 5 seconds, it will restart into user mode.

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Hi, many human thanks. It all worked the first time. I already wanted to dispose of it.