Remote control

I bought a remote control (ylyk01yl) to use it with my bulb but it is not working. Is it compatible?
Also, I have an issue with the bulb. I successfully installed it on my bedside lamp and connected it using the app, but then when I changed it to the ceiling light it didn’t turn on. What might be the problem? Normal LED bulbs are working fine

The remote control does not support working with the bulb.
Have you tried to use the bulb on your bedside lamp again?

Yes, the bulb is working in the bedside lamp. Although other lamps are ok in the ceiling, the yeelight is not.
Can you tell me what products are compatible with this remote control? I didn’t find any user guide.

Thanks for the reply

Is the size of your ceiling light connector and the bulb interface the same? Since the bulb can work in the bedside lamp, it proves that the bulb should be ok.
Yeelight remote control can be compatible with our smart ceiling lights.