No schedule issue, makes me crazy


I don’t usually use it but I have noticed the schedule feature on my color bulbs and Lightstrip don’t work properly.

Whenever I create a schedule, it doesn’t show and the list remains empty, showing only “No schedule”.

They are still working but I can’t see them, edit them or delete them.

Now my lights turn on by themselves according to a schedule and I have no way to stop them!

Please help me

Hello, thanks for your feedback, we will take a look at the issue.


I have noticed the schedules created in yeelight app show properly in MI Home… But they never show in yeelight app if I create them in yeelight or in MI home.

I’m using China server.

Let me know if you need my ID or something else.

This is a bug and can be reproduced it our lab, will fix it in next release. Thanks!

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Thank you, it is a good news.

I really appreciate your professionalism and reactivity.

I hope to see the fix soon :+1::+1:

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Hello, do you have any eta? 1 week? 1 Month?

Will it need a yeelight app update or will it be fixed in current release?

Thank you

In about a week.

Hello, I saw 3.2.20 was available, I tried it and even though it was not specifically mentioned in the release note, it has fixed the issue I reported.

Thank you for your quick help :+1::+1:

I have around 10 yeelight devices (Lightstrip and color bulb v1), I would like to buy some color bulb V2.
Could you quickly recap the difference between the currently available models? (difference between xiaomi and yeelight version for instance?)

I’m a bit lost with all different v2 models and I don’t want to be region locked :confused:

Thank you