Does Google Nest Hub act as a gateway to connect yeelight mesh downlights?

Does Yeelights YLSD01YL require an additional gateway or can Google Nest Hub act as a gateway to connect all the downlights to WiFi?

Google Nest Hub can’t bridge mesh bulb, need one dedicated gateway.

Hi, so what yeelight items can I use as a gateway? As long as its connected to the gateway and to my WiFi, I can use Google assistant to issue voice controls?

Currently, only voice speaker can act as gateway, but it’s only for Chinese market. We will deliver a dedicated gateway later this year, please stay tuned.

If i do not have a gateway, what ways can I use to turn on or off my lights?

Wall switch …

Thanks Weiwei, so there’s only one gateway for the downlights which hasn’t arrived yet? Does that mean I can’t work it through the app?

No, you can’t control through App currently.

No, you need a dedicated gateway for that.

Hi is there a gateway currently that works?

I’m currently stuck with Yeelight down-lights as well, since I have Google Home setup, and there’s no way to make it work properly now. Very interested about dedicated gateway mentioned here. Will it work not only on Chinese server?

Is the dedicated gateway out yet? In the meantime can Samsung Smartthings be used to connect the downlights?