Does Google Nest Hub act as a gateway to connect yeelight mesh downlights?

Does Yeelights YLSD01YL require an additional gateway or can Google Nest Hub act as a gateway to connect all the downlights to WiFi?

Google Nest Hub can’t bridge mesh bulb, need one dedicated gateway.

Hi, so what yeelight items can I use as a gateway? As long as its connected to the gateway and to my WiFi, I can use Google assistant to issue voice controls?

Currently, only voice speaker can act as gateway, but it’s only for Chinese market. We will deliver a dedicated gateway later this year, please stay tuned.

If i do not have a gateway, what ways can I use to turn on or off my lights?

Wall switch …

Thanks Weiwei, so there’s only one gateway for the downlights which hasn’t arrived yet? Does that mean I can’t work it through the app?

No, you can’t control through App currently.

No, you need a dedicated gateway for that.