Bedside Lamp 2 with Apple HomeKit review :)

Bedside Lamp 2 with Apple HomeKit review :slight_smile:

Seems like there are not that many reviews of the 2nd version of the bedside lamp, so here’s my take!

I read that people had issues with lowest brightness, it might have been fixed in a firmware update, since it goes LOOOOOOOW like really-really low. Also I read people complained about flicker on the first generation (don’t have it - can’t test), but I did test the PWM here and it’s 100% fine.

For some reason I can’t change the “Midnight Mode” start time, its fixed on 22:00, anyone has the same issue?

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Thanks for your review!

I’ll be doing a full review and video for this lamp soon.

That’s awesome, whats your channel? =D