Yeelight bulb connection problem

Hello, Im having issues with Yeelight led bulb color 2. Its impossible to link it with IPhone apps Yeelight or Mi home. The problem is that i cant choose active wifi connection because. The wifi button in your app is unresponsible. The weird thing is that I have this issue also in MiHome app and i cant add other Mi devices as well. Same problem - a icant choose active wifi.

Thank you for help !

You might have to connect to a 2.4g wifi network to set up

I use only 2,4ghz. With friends android device or older ipad with ios 12 theres no problem. Weird.

Are you using iOS 13?

Yes, ios 13.1.1

There is a problem with iOS 13.
You can try to use Mi home app, but you have to allow the app to access your location before connecting.

I’ve just got this bulb and have the same problem. When will it be fixed?

Try older device with ios 12 or android device for now. Hope it will be fixed asap.

I’ve this same problem connecting my ceiling light too!a

I’m having the exact same problem. IOS 13.1.3

Same problem on iPhone X

Hi All,
Please make sure that you have allowed Yeelight app to access your location when you try to connect your device.

Hi Yuwenqian,

I am using IOS 13.0.4

  • I tried with MiHome and I accesed MiHome to use my location
  • I also tried in Yeelight app (Yeelight app dont request location access)

As Result , I couldnt connect.

Can you help me pls ?