Yeelight Aurora automation is failing in My Home

When trying to save any form of automation with my newly bought Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip I get an error message.

Lights works fine and can be controlled with the yeelight app. It can also be controlled from the My Home app and is online.

But when I’m trying to add to any automation it will give a localization error as posted in the screenshot.

The lightstrip and mi home on on German server and bought in Denmark and both is with European power socket.

Resetting and restarting is not fixing it.

How about you create an automation, use “manual click” as trigger. If that works fine, then it’s the problem of the Mi Gateway’s issue.

Thanks for the answer. I’m able to add a manual trigger without any error.

So I guess the problem is in the mi gateway. Thanks. I’ll try to ask in a different forum.