iOS 13 Homekit Problem! It only seems to work when I am with WIFI!!

OK. I’ll test it. Thanks!

It works like a charm with the latest beta firmware (2.0.6_0062), also works perfectly without WIFI through HomeKit iOS 13.1.2. Thanks a lot for the help!! Much appreciated!

Can i get added to the beta firmware too .
I’m so frustrated already.

Could I please get the beta firware too? my id is 1859740723

We will publish the official firmware update very soon.

Hey I’m also having the issue, do you have a date for when the firmware update will be pushed?

In a week.

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Hello please add me too I got the same issue.

Please, can I test de firmware too? I have the same issue.
Mi ID: 1745549602

Please also add me in
ID: 1787058972

Can i get the release also?


Please, can I test de firmware too? I have the same issue.
Mi ID: 173739077

So I’ve had this problem from the beginning. The Yellight light strip disconnects from Homekit(works through both Mi Home and Yeelight apps). Im regretting I bought this shit cos there is never an update. So if you would be kind to put me on the beta firmware list as well:

My MI ID is: 6244493802

Thank you in advance!

Hi, would you check the firmware version of the bulb? The fix has been published for months.

Could you also describe your home network setup? We’ve noticed the homekit stuff may stop working when multuiple APs are deployed in the network, when the AP’s refuses to forward MDNS packets between iOS and accessaries.

Btw, do you have any bridging iOS devices such as homepod installed in the Wi-Fi network? Homekit works only when as least once iOS device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the accessary.

The firmware of the lightstrip is 2.0.6_0073. My home network setup is pretty basic. The lightstrip is connected to my 2,4ghz wireless network (only one router). I have two Apple TVs that are working as bridges so that I can access my setup when Im away from home.

When I reset the lighstrip it works in Homekit for like 30 minutes or so but then becomes unresponsive in the Home app. I can still acess the lightstrip in the Yeelight app and it works through that. But since I bought it for the homekit integration this is really annoying me. I have no idea how to fix this cos all my other homekit devices are working 100%.

hello, i would like to participate on beta firmware.
My id is: 1783316609

Hello. I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE!! My Yeelight strips have 2.06._0073 firmware version. I have many apple devices with iOS 13/13.3.1/13.4. Some Yeelight strips work only 12 hours after they become unresponsive ( no response) in Homekit on any version of iOS. At the same time all strips work fine in native Yeelight App (German/Africa server). But it doesn’t make any sense for me using native App because I have many scenarios automations in HomeKit!! FIX THE ISSUE ERGENT!! Why you add support for Homekit and not making any bugfix updates?! You’ll lose lot of clients on this.

Disconect your iCloud and conect it again, that solve the problem

Hi, I would like to participate on beta test firmware. ID: 4155780152. Thanks

Hello, I would like to participate on beta firmware, I have the same problem. My ID: 4175143877 Thanks