Singapore server going offline.

Your Singapore server keep on going offline and in the app the bulbs are showing they are going offline even with good internet connection. I change yeelight server to united states it works flawlessly. No problem at all. Same goes to my mi rgb led lights Singapore server doesn’t respond alot of times and bulbs always going offline i change the mi home account to united states and it too works flawlessly. Please fix your Singapore server its really terrible. Fyi i have 3 yeelight rgb version 2 and 3 mi led lights. @yusure


Xiaomi Iot server does not belong to us, we cannot do anything, you can report this issue to Xiaomi team, sorry about that, but thanks anyway !

@yusure Even yeelight server Singapore has offline problem. Yeelight Singapore server is not belongs to you? If i switch to USA server then all going smooth. Singapore server going offline all the time. Server error. Please try again later. 1011

Yep, not belongs to us. 1011 this error code from Xiaomi IoT server.