Failed to sync with google home


I tried many times but still couldn’t find my device even GH says its linked to yeelight app.

My mi id is 221864978. I have had set the region to US.

@yusure Please help take a look at the issue.


Sorry, I didn’t find any logs, please have a try re-link account then login by Xiaomi ID instead of email. if necessary, you can record a video for me.

I have just run the whole process… please check

Please record a operation video for me, I’ll check for you.

Hi I have sent the video to
Email sender

@yusure have u found the email?

Yeah, I received your screen video, my colleague forwarded it to me, thank you, I reported this issue to Google technical team already, if anything news, I’ll tell you as soon as possible.

@yusure hi any update from google ?

Hi Geoffrey,

Sorry to keep you waiting, please login this website and check it out if Yeelight exists ? if exist, please tap “Unlink” button.

I have just unlinked

Please re-link your Xiaomi account on GoogleHome app.

Thx,. It works now

So glad to learn it works, thank you for your cooperation !

I have same issue but this solution not working for me i am using yeelight in my moon lamp 2019 but error appear when sync with google

Hi Loarder,

Could you give me a screen recording?