Urgent firmware downgrade request (2.0.6_0051) Home Assistant Unavaliability

Yes I know, and teprrr is one of them

It’s the same with me, I have the latest version of HA and Firmware 2.0.6_0065 and it doesn’t work for me

Please add me as well
Mi ID: 1883510111

Hi please add me to all beta whitelists :slight_smile:

Mi ID 1650151352
Server Germany

Hi please add me to all beta whitelists :slight_smile:

Mi ID 1555527066
Server Singapure

Same Problem with nearly every Yeelight Product :frowning: I dont understand why they dont release an update for every Yeelight product…

Please add me as well, I’m using HA
Mi ID: 6253076041

please add me : 1602826680 :slightly_smiling_face:

Chinese Mainland

My problem fixed when I switched from Apple AirPort Extress to old ASUS router. I bought Xiaomi router than - no problem as well

Please add me to the whitelist for new firmware versions (Mi ID: 1623790595)

please add me : 1638762739

Server: Spain
I’m using Hassio (Home assistant)

Is there a similar problem with the 2.0.6_0041 firmware for the white (v2) bulb? I’m not seeing it in HA, it no longer responds to the mDNS (and if defined manually, shows up as Unavailable), but it works in the App. And, of course, it can’t be downgraded through the app…

Please add me to the whitelist for new beta firmware or downgrade please. I have full yeelight setup working very well with home automation tools and now is completely broken.

Mi ID::17099630517

Please add me to the new beta firmware program.

Mi ID: 1589604379 (Mainland China)

Please add me, also having troubles

Mi ID: 1794619447 (Mainland China)

Please add me to whitelist, bulb goes offline :frowning:

Mi ID: 1667097850

Please add me having troubles with my google home
Mi ID: 6273234638

Hello , Please add me to the beta firmware program too, my id is 1908430196


MY ID IS 1827732001 on the CHINA SERVER.

For me bulbs with HK support are still “unavailable” intermittently in HA with 2.0.6_0065… “Bulb closed the connection”.

Thank you for your efforts and prompt reaction to this issue.

Hello plz downgrade my yeelight v2 it start flicking blinking in green color shade and all other colors are ok . My I’d is 1868199301 plz downgrade all my devices thank you