Urgent firmware downgrade request (2.0.6_0051) Home Assistant Unavaliability

Tried since the firmware published 12 hours ago, however it only appeared in home assistant for 2-3 hours and changed to not available.

Noticed it also caused home assistant having issue connect to mijia hub. After remove the yeelight from HA this will back to normal.(not sure is this same issue from Yeelight?)

I have the same problem (i use Home assistant) BUT only if i cut out the yeelights from the internet (lan mode enabled)! I had every 20 minutes errors from the 4 Yeelights stripes and 2 Bulbs (which had the homekit update) - after i put the yeelight back to let them talk to the cloud (which is not my intention) they put no more errors in the logs!

Why can‘t we use them offline with no problems?? I hate those cloud based things…

Hey, I am a Domoticz user and also having problems after firmware upgrade. Please downgrade me. MI ID: 1595636961.

Yeelight is really messed up my IoT… now i have to keep on reboot my Mi gateway to make it available. I don’t know which day i will get mad and smash the light.
Time to switch to Hue light maybe

Calm down dude.

Tell us about your setup. Are you using autodiscovery or manually adding your bulbs to Home Assistant?

Also, the mi gateway shouldn’t have anything to do with yeelight wifi bulbs from what I understand.

Before that I’m using autodiscovery, after the firmware upgrade everything break.
So i setup manually with ignore discovery of yeelight. The manual setup will only make the light available in HA for 1-2 hours. After that just show me light not available.

I also have the light mapped to the gateway of course, when i turn on the light from gateway, it just some time no response, or keep on & off the light multiple times. When I try to manage my other staff in gateway, they will not respond, the only way is to power cycle the gateway…

Hi, my bulbs are not exposed to the internet i use lan-mode in all my home automation.
I am experiencing the same problem as KoltesPunti my bulbs with firmware 2.0.6_0051 are going on and offline, at some point thy become unavailable that i have to power cycle the bulbs to turn on.
this morning i exposed the bulbs to the internet it looks like they are working fine for now :slight_smile: .(this is not my intention i want to keep home automation of the internet)

Bulbs with firmware v 1.4.2_0038 are experiencing no problems.

Yeelight is it possible to make firmware v 1.4.2_0038 available so we can downgrade from 2.0.6_0051?

Kind regards. S

ilya@irt:/data$ telnet 55443
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

telnet> quit
Connection closed.
ilya@irt:/data$ telnet 55443
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

telnet> quit
Connection closed.
ilya@irt:/data$ telnet 55443

ilya@irt:/data$ telnet 55443

ilya@irt:/data$, - ceiling lights., - Yeelight Color Bulbs with latest firmware [2.0.6_0051]
All lights have Lan Control enabled.

Yeelight team, what else do you need to publish updated and fixed firmware?
If you really think, that “there could be a slim chance that incorrect development version was exposed to your device”, so fix it with firmware update pushed to all our devices as soon as possible.

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Same problem here…!

MI ID: 1779114679
Whitelist me for beta update or downgrade!

Thanks to everyone for trying to resolve this problem!

Please whitelist me as well.

MI ID: 1563837533
Singapore server.

This is affecting my yeelight aurora strip and yeelight colour bulb v2 running the latest firmware.

Same problem here…

MI ID: 1819852929
Whitelist me for beta update
thank you

Hi, there are some updates with firmware. If you want to try out the beta version, please provide you MI account ID.

Hi, I believe all IDs mentioned above are whitelisted now. Please notify me in case I missed any.

Mi ID 1661243535

Mi ID 16133807

Please Whitelist me!
Id: 1580499519

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