Xiaomi Yeelight does not show certain colors

Good night, I am user of Argentina, I bought my Xiaomi yeelight 2 by gearbest 6 months ago Quizas, at the beginning it worked well but a few days after I start to present illumination problems, I can not use the light Fria nor the light calida, the color range is only green and blue, although if I turn it off as if I let it “rest” for a while and turn it on by selecting another color from which it doesn’t usually work, it works but only for about 5 minutes and then turns it off again (Even if I try to put some color that doesn’t work, it feels like the lamp is trying hard to show it without giving results), something I didn’t realize is that the lamp is E27 which in Argentina E26 is used but that doesn’t change much. I came to think if it could be my internet connection or the light connection
Sorry for the bad English, I am using the translator of google, if you do not understand what I say even if I leave some videos to help understand my problem, are my only help xD thank you, good night
https://streamable.com/2b7m1 Video demostration 3Thanks m8

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