Yeelight Bulbs (v2) + yeelight lightstrip

I already have 2 Yeelights led bulb color v2.
I’m planning to buy a lightstrip for the same room and I want a physical switch to control both. It’s better if I can use 2 or 3 switches. Doesn’t matter if I need to control bulbs and lightstrip together or separately, both options are good for me.
Is there any option?
I think that I need Aqara Hub and Aqara switch, is it right? Do I have other options?

Yes, you need a hub. Aqara or Mijia… Aqara has support for Apple homekit, Mijia doesn’t, that’s about the only difference. And you need Aqara switches. 3 single, or double (you can use double switch to control 3 devices - left button, right button and both buttons)

you can also use wifi switch without a hub.

What wifi switch?

for example xiaomi mijia ptx switch models.

Hmm, interesting, that’s new. Unfortunately it is only zero-line version. Also someone would need to confirm that it can be used with smart bulb(s) - like Aqara that can be programmed to control other device than the one it is connected to…

it has turn on/off automation conditions, so i don’t see any reason it can’t trigger cloud based automation (with any other device) on turn on/off.