Yeelight Jiaoyue 260

I found a Yeelight Jiaoyue 260 lamp in the online store. Have you really released such a product?
If so, can it work like a bluetooth (BLE) hub, like bigger ones (450/480/650 and so on)?

This product has been released.
Yeelight Jiaoyue 260(smart version) is works like bigger ones.
It also has wifi module and buletooth module.

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So it’s fully support BLE hub functionality and can be paired with bluetooth themperature & humidity sensors and transmit data to Mi Home for scenes, right?

It has bluetooth module, but cannot be used as a bluetooth gateway.
If you want to pair it with bluetooth temperature & humidity sensors, you need a bluetooth gateway.

Bad news :frowning: Big one (480) can do it. Really miss this feature for small lamp in bathroom area to control fan from bluetooth sensor data :frowning:

Is there any chances for this lamp, that BLE gateway feature will be available after firmware update?

The 480 model acts like a bt getaway? Even for mesh devices?

Is this light has moonlight mode? I can’t find it in menu.