Personalised scenario with colours don't work anymore

So I installed 2 lamp bulbs a few weeks ago and created a personalised scenario applied to both these lamp bulbs.

I used the scenario several times, it was all fine. Since then, I kept the lights off for a few weeks and now that I tried to use the lamps again, the scenario doesn’t work anymore - to be more specific : NO personalised scenario including COLOURS work on my lamp bulbs. The standard ones are working just fine, as well as personalised ones with white but personalised scenarios with colours just don’t work anymore…

I tried resetting the lamps several times, I tried switching to the Chinese server and I tried to delete all my personalised scenario to reset them, nothing works.

Does anyone have an idea of what to do? Does anyone have the same problem?


Also, do you know if there is a total maximum duration for personalised scenarios?

I know it cannot be more than 10 scenes but in terms of duration?

I have been running tests and it seems that the personalised scenario doesn’t work if the scene is too long. For example, if a scene is 2 minutes-long, it is ok. But if it is 40-minute long, then it will stay stuck in the previous scene.

It is obviously a bug from your software. When will it be fixed?

How many scenarios with your 40-minutes scene? If you have two frames in the scene, A and B, then the light will gradually change from A to B in 40 minutes. And there’s option of which light will the lamp stuck in after the scene, please have a check about it.

Hello @dingyichen,

In my case, the scenario doesn’t respect the timing. Here is my scenario:

  1. Colour temperature (white) - 100% - 1minute
  2. Colour (red) - 100% - 44mn
  3. Colour temperature (white) - 100% - 1mn
  4. Colour (BLUE) - 100% - 44mn
  5. Colour temperature (white) - 100% - 1mn
  6. Colour (Green) - 100% - 19mn
  7. Colour temperature (white) - 100% - 1mn
  8. Colour (pink) - 100% - 19mn
  9. Colour temperature (white) - 100% - 1mn
  10. Colour temperature (yellow) - 100% - 50mn

Just to clarify, the duration in the scenario is the time that the bulb takes to reach the colour and NOT the duration during which the bulb keeps showing the colour?

Ok, ok.

Thank you for your help!

Yes, and I will have a try with your scenario.

Hello @dingyichen,

Thank you very much for your answer! No need for the test, my miscomprehension of the duration feature is why I thought it didn’t work, sorry about that. I understand now.

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Many thanks,