Conection problems with Yeelight E27 MiHome/Google Home

So, i bought 4 bulbs to start with my smart home, i’ve also bought the aqara cube and some sensors that i’m waiting to receive.

I’m based on Thailand, i connected the bulbs with the yeelight app with no issues at all. I used the Singapore server.
I tried to connect the bulbs with the MiHome app and couldn’t cause of the server, i tried with the Thai server and the Yeelight e27 is not supported, i changed the server to mainland china and the app does not detect the bulbs at all. After some research i found that i need to use the same server for the yeelight app and the MiHome app, if i use the China server on the Yeelight app it can’t detect the bulbs.

After some research i saw the bulbs are not official sold overseas and that’s why i can’t use it with the MiHome App, so first question would be: When are you going to support other servers with the Yeelight e27? My house automation it’s already over and didn’t even started

Secondly, i tried to use the bulbs with Google home at least, so i can use the voice control, after i go to add new device and manage accounts i don’t know why it’s stops working and goes back to the “add new” tab.

So basically now i have xmas lights on my ceiling that i can control only with my phone, no automation at all, no voice control.

Okay, i finally connected the yeelights to Google Home but lights are not responding, any idea?

SIM. Você precisa colocar no SERVIDOR AMERICANO.

EU, aqui no BRASIL, consegui utilizar as lâmpadas usando o GOOGLE HOME ASSISTENTE através do aplicativo e comandos de voz!


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