Yeelight tasker plugin with Candela

I would like to know if other users are able to control their Bluetooth Candela lamp with tasker. I have tried with multiple phones and the plugin doesn’t work for the Candela lamp. With the Yeelight app it works but not with the plugin. Also the plugin works fine with my other MI Led besk lamp.

This issue began more than a year ago but didn’t bothered to report it till I could try with another phone.

Thank you

The yeelight android widget also doesn’t work with the candela light. It only works on the yeelight app.

Cause it is a bluetooth based device, it works different with other devices, will take a look at the issue.

Any update on this issue?

Monthly reminder

@dingyichen an update would be appreciated

New version with the feature support will release very soon.

Fixed on 3.2.20 (2019/10/25)

5, Tasker supports Bluetooth devices;

Thank you!!

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