Yeelight ceiling Alexa issue

Hi there,

I have some Yeelight devices, bulbs and ceiling and all working well with Alexa except 2 ceilings recently acquired.
Yeelight ceiling Luna(480 - YLXD05YL) and Yeelight ceiling Luna pro(650 - YLXD02YL). Connected to China mainland on both MiHome and Yeelight apps devices are working well, and all other devices are discovered by Alexa and working well.

I can use both with my actual configurations with google assistant, but I really need then on Alexa, can you provide me a solution? I can’t change server in app because I have near 75 devices.

Can you enable in Alexa and Google Assistant this device:

Thank you.

Alexa will support Mainland China server very soon, stay tuned.

Thanks for reply, I ask for a beta invite for the new Yeelight skill.

Will China mainland support all devices or just pure lighting? I would like to have support in Alexa for my bath heater.