Yeelight Bulb 2 offline after Homekit update

I just updated my 2 Yeelight Bulb V2 and 1 Yeelight Strip Plus to the latest firmware and added it to the Home app but strangely 3 of them are showing Offline on the Yeelight app & Mi Home but Online on the Home app, whats wrong with it?

My light just wont turn on with the schedule i have set on Yeelight app now. Help?

How about restarting the bulbs to see if it is back online? Is it stable before update?

What type of router do you use?

It shows online but just for a few hours and it goes offline again, 3 of them (Homekit ones, any lights thats not being updated for Homekit works just fine), yes it was stable before now even Google Assistant saying “error couldn’t control the lights” + Mi Home always showing offline.

I use Google Wifi as my primary

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Same problem here. Thanks

I updated to the latest fw, happy to got the white color, then I added additional 1m strip and unforrunately lost the white color again, any idea? thx

Seem like people having the same issues the bulb being offline, any idea what causing it? Because this is a nightmare coming home to a complete blackout and Homekit automation is not even reliable.

Update: these three lights won’t even keep online for more than 15 minutes now even after removing it from homekit. Now it became a normal bulb not even a smart bulb anymore.