Yeelight Color Bulb v2 and Homekit

Hi, as you know, this bulb has just got the Homekit compatibility. Also the apps got the updates for Homekit. I updated the firmware of this bulb and tried to connect Homekit on both Mi Home and Yeelight apps, but it says “Accessory not found” on the Add Accessory screen. I tried switching between Germany and China servers and it didn’t work. Can you help me?

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I have absolutely the same issue! nothing works and I have bought lights only for the HomeKit!

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I still have the problem after almost 3 months.

There is a firmware upgrade recently and the new firmware version is 2.0.6_0065, could you upgrade to this version and try?

I’m on 2.0.6_0051 and it says “This is the latest version”. I live in Europe and I’m on German server, should I switch it to another server?

I switched the server and updated to the latest firmware, but I still have the problem.

I still have the problem after 8 months.