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Update out already 2.0.6_0051, but need 8 digits codes, where can i find this??

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Just delete it from Mi Home app and re-add.
At the end of the integration, it should ask you if you want to add to Apple Home app…
Now got all my bulbs on Apple Home app

I also encountered this problem.
Is there any way to get the code?

No code needed. Just add them to the Mi Home app, long press on the relevant tile for the bulb or light strip, then press the HomeKit icon at the bottom of the screen to initiate the homekit integration. This will only work if you update the firmware to the bulb/strip first.

If you add your bulb to Apple Home app directly, you will be asked to enter a 8-digit code. However, if you add the bulb to Apple Home app through MiHome app or Yeelight app, then you won’t be asked for the 8-digit code. In the MiHome app, just long press the bulb icon and choose the HomeKit button at the bottom of the screen. While in the Yeelight app, just go to the settings of your bulb, and choose add to Home.

I have the yeelight app and there is no option to add to Home? When I go to homekit I can see them but I need the 8 digits, no other options then I can see to add them otherwise? Anyone has an other sugestion?

Please refer to http://page.yeelight.com/static/appleHomeKit/appleHomeKit.html

Can’t update :sob::sob::sob: