Mi LED ceiling light - switch


We just bought 2 Mi LED ceiling light. Using the miHome app, there’s an option to personalize the wall switch. There are three sequences. The third one is always moon light, so we every 3 times we switch on and off we have moon light. Do you know if we can change it? We always want day light. We have also tried the yeelight app.


Yes, you can personalize three sequences from mihome, have a try.

I have been trying for days and it’s impossible. I only can change the order. I

This is made by design, the 3rd one is moon light, it only support changing brightness.

When will you have the case switch the lamp on and off for lots of time in a short time? Cause if you switch off the lamp for a while and then switch on it will use the first light.

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Ah! Perfect then!!! Thank you!