Disconnected and not be able to reconnect, timed out

Hi, My color light bulbs were working just fine but suddenly it stopped working a week ago. I’ve reset the bulbs and reinstall the yeelight application but nothing seems working so far.

I also tried to change the dns address to google server but unfortunately my ISP doesn’t allow to do so.(Vodafone, Germany) It’s quite weird but I can’t help with this.

Everytime I try to reconnect, session timed out(I suppose the bulbs are not responding to the dns address with my router). I could detect the bulbs but can’t connect.

Weirder thing is everything was just fine a week ago with exactly same hardware. Now bulbs are only working with physical switches, it’s quite frustrating…

What else could I try to reconnect the bulb except changing the dns address from the router?

FYI MI ID is 1901783740, any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Not sure if there’s something changes with your ISP.

Firstly could you use another phone to setup a hotspot and try connect the bulb to it to see if it works?

Yes it’s working with hotspot from another phone. Only the router from my ISP(Vodafone, Germany) is the problem it seems like. Like I said I can’t changed the dns address of the router though…