Yeelight bedisde lamp MJCTD01YL no red color

I’ve purchased a Yeelight bedside lamp, but after a while the red color stopped working.
It was ordered from Gearbest from China, and re-sending it costs more than the unit itself.
I am a HW engineer myself, so I took it apart to check if I can repair it.
I’ve checked the 3 red LEDs, but they do work.
Also, when changing modes, the red LEDs light up for a short period of time, therefore I can conclude the followings:

  1. If there is current limitation of the driver, it could be that it cuts down the supply, but they light up only during mode change, if I select pure RED, the LEDs remain off.
  2. No matter what RGB color I select, only the Greeen and Blue LEDs are lit, the Reds are not, except case 1.

I suspect that it is a SW issue rather than a HW one, as the LEDs do work, and the current consumption is normal (~60ma) the 3 LEDs and changing the controller board might fix the issue.

Would it be possible to send me just the controller board so I can change it myself ? Shipping will be to Europe.