Yeelights connection problem

Have been using google voice to control 7 of my yeelights device for 1 whole year . After changing of password 3 weeks ago, i have no luck reconnecting any lights, until, i manage to reconnect (only 2 out of 7 devices … bulb, / stripe, /desk lamp. ) with another phone Server remains the same as United states.
A week ago, those 3 i have reconnected suddenly disconnected again and i can’t reconnect any , with any phone…with server error or connection time out.
Having said this , all my other lights from smart life, kasa and genie are working flawlessly.
Please help before i switch all my yee lights to other brand… Many thanks

Hello, please have a check if the bulbs connect to your router when connection time out. If yes, please try changing DNS of your route to and connect again.

Will the change to dns affect my connectiion to other non yee lights smart devices??

Of course not.