Apple Homekit compatible plan?

Hi, I have 5 Yeelight LED Bulbs Color in my bedroom, and sometime they are too slow to response (both individual light and light group). I’m not happy with that performance having my plan to switch to use something locally (LAN) like Apple Homekit to improve the experiment.

Do you have any plan until now to:
(1) fix the latency/timeout problems for the bulb from Mihome server?
(2) integrate with Apple Homekit?

My Mihome ID is: 1910377300


Can someone update, please?

We are working hard to achieve integration of bulbs with homekit.
Please look forward to it.

Really appreciate! Do we have any plan on “when”?

Not too long I suppose.

Can it be more specific? like in Q3, Q4, or in 2020?

The bulb has passed Homekit certification recently, I think it will be ready very soon in Q3.

Good to know. Thanks, team.

afaik only color2 and color3 gets homekit, not the oldest color1.