Firmware 1.4.2_0024

Need help to downgrade.
Lost yellow, cyan, orange color
All middle tones are gone or completely wrong.
How can I downgrade?

ID 1835665669

I have the same phenomenon with a led ceiling light

Same here, Sunset and Sunrise color have change since the upgrade :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:



Any news?

when will the upgrade come out?
Can somebody help downgrade the bulbs? Washed out colors and flashing blue light are so ugly!

Hello, the issue will be fixed in next firmware release and also with Homekit support, and it will be release very soon.

Where is this firmware update?

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Also waiting for the update here

Seems like a good idea to make an option to select different firmware for peoples accounts doesn’t it? Just a suggestion, but I can see a few topics this solution would satisfy users. It’s been asked for with the 1% Dim issue, this and a few others. If the user had the choice, then they also know the things they might miss out on with older versions.
Like I said… just a suggestion, but I think it would save you all a lot of headaches.

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