No white? That's why I bought it!!

I love yeelight so I bought this lightstrip to mainly use for a white light, but I can’t put it on white!
Please help

MI ID:1909073510

I’m in Canada if that helps

Sorry Graham, Yeelight aurora smart lightstrip plus doesn’t support white light now.
We are working to improve our products.
Thanks for your support and trust!


Will add back white color in servers except Germany server, it is removed to pass ERP certification in Europe. FYI.


Thank you! Do you have a timeline on when this will be?

Also waiting for this. I have three light strip plus, all bought for a functional white (other colors are secondary) only to see this come up in threads that white isn’t supported. Do you have a timeline when it will be supported?

If it helps, I’m on SG server with Mi ID ID 1854122596.