Yeelight bulb RGBW colors problem

Hello, few days ago i received firmware update for my bulb, the one i had was 1.4.2_0016, which was working good, and nothing was faulty, i updated my firmware to 1.4.2_0024, and after that bulb started to act different. When i change colour to other than Red, Green, or Blue, the color is white’ish, and there is no fade transition, also white temperature is different, at highest light temperature (warm) now it’s more yellow’ish, and not as it should be (kind of orange colour idk) and i don’t know what to do, i tried reseting bulb, changing servers and searching for new firmware updates, but still bulb is not working properly, is it possible to downgrade firmware or somehow update it to the version which is supposed to work correctly with my bulb ??
Thanks for any help

same pls help

I read somewhere on this forum, that Yeelight staff can downgrade/upgrade bulb to desired firmware by adding their account to yeelight app, so i hope someone from staff can contact us, beacuse by this problem i can’t really use bulb as i did earlier

Please, idk how to solve this out, any help ??

UP please