Firmware 1.4.2_0075 found many problem

After updated firmware to 1.4.2_0075 I found these serious problem as follow.

  1. Fade in - fade out when I turn on or turn off device is terrible.

  2. For the white balance controller is terrible too. I drag the white balance controller to warmest but it’s not.

  3. I try to set brightness to 1/100 but it’s still brighter (than previous firmware version)

Please fix these problem as soon as possible. I love your product and now it’s a part of my life.

I had the same #2 description after upgrade. :sob:

Will fix in next version.

Same problem here plz fix this or give us the option to downgrade the firmware at least.

Please provider your xiaomi account.


Yeah man , this firmware just bad, really bad. I also ask for the downgrade option, 1766876737, Thanks!

Hi @dingyichen, i shared two of my led bulb. i have the same problem. please downgrade the firmware. thanks :blush:

My mi account id : 1607532990