Yeelight Physical Wall Switch

Hi team,
I am looking for wall switch for my yeelight led bulbs. Currently all my Yeelights are on Singapore server and I control them via google/alexa
If I buy Aqara Gateway and aqara wall switch,I believe I have to set them up on Xiaomi home app on China Server?
How will they be able to talk to my Yeelights that are on Singapore server? If i change my yeelights server to china mainland,i loose the functionality of voice control through alexa/google.
My main goal is to have a wall switch for my Yeelights and also be able to control them through alexa/google.
Any suggestions please?
Did Yeelight end up making their own physical switch yet?
What is the best way to control yeelights through a physical switch?

All devices have to be on the same server.

Aqara wireless is able to turn on/off bulbs. Mind the “WIRELESS”.

You don’t need physicall switch. you probably have one already :slight_smile: Physical switch is for non- smart devices (lights).

@dalanik thanks for your help!!
Does Mainland China server now support voice control through alexa amd google?

Google yes, Alexa I think no.