Bedside Lamp 2 (MJCTD01YL) does not connect to mesh bulbs

Hi, I have a Bedside Lamp 2 and have bought some mesh bulbs (Xiaomi Yeelight YLDP10YL and YLDP09YL) - I think both of these should work with the BLE gateway, but when I reset and try to discover them within the MI app, I cannot see them or connect them.

Can someone please advise if there’s something else I should do, or if they should be able to connect?

I can connect and control the lamp with no problems.

Thank you!

Bedside lamp doesn’t have ability as a gateway to add mesh devices, there’s devices list from Mihome that the lamp supports.

And mesh bulbs should be work with bluetooth mesh gateway, such as: Yeelight voice assistant, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock.

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Thanks @dingyichen - do you think this support will be added in the future? Where can I get a complete list of bluetooth mesh gateways?

I don’t think so, the lamp has limit gateway abilities, it can’t support add mesh bulbs.

Currently, it works with Yeelight voice assistant, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock, you can find in from gearbest. Please note that there are both Chinese voice system.

BTW, we are working on Yeelight mesh gateway, I guess it would be ready in about 2 months.

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