Lightstrip Plus Sun Colour Control

Hi guys, I recently just got a new Lightstrip Plus and absolutely love it.

However, today, when I opened the Lightstrip Plus settings in the Yeelight app, I saw there were 4 tabs “recommended”, “sun”, “colour” and “flow mode”. I have never seen the “sun” tab before, and I saw I could adjust the LEDs to shades of yellow to white.

Strangely, after clicking on some other function in the app, the “sun” tab disappeared.

I’ve been trying everything but I can’t seem to bring it up?

Is there something I am doing wrongly?

Appreciate anyone’s help!

Thank you!!

Edit: I just saw on the side of the box that the image of the app has a “white” tab beside “recommended” and “colour”

Hi buddy, do check the default section. May be you have selected as final settings so it is off.

Teju Bessey

Hi Teju,

Thanks for replying. May I ask where is the default section? I’ve tried changing the settings under “default state” but still doesn’t work.