Every issue that I am experiencing has not been resolved in every thread I have read

I am returning these bulbs and buying Philips HUE. Honestly I read so many reviews and none of them said anything about these lights not connecting properly. or not being online. or being ridiculously hot. I am soooooo disappointed in this. I waited 3 weeks for them to ship only to look at a screen that says 25% for hours now. I am posting this as a protest that the answers that the yeelight people give on these forums are bullshit and recycled nonsense just to frustrate the users more. Not everyone that buys gadgets like this are computer programmers and don’t know have the stuff you are saying. If there are so many work arounds to get this to work why not take some of the profits you make from selling this crap to actually fix issues and not try and help people fix issues from out tof the box. I have not yet even experienced what this is like and I’m ready to throw them out. I was planning on buying more products from the same company but now am absolutely not. I’m even more upset that my wife told me not to buy a bunch and to just buy one to try it out. I ORDERED 6 and they all do the same thing… NOTHING!!!

Please tell me where I can send them back as where I bought them says they wont take them back . I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want these expensive paper weights either.


A very frustrated customer

Hello, what’s your problem for detail? If you have connection issue, could you have a try setting up a hotspots with another phone, and connect the bulb to it to see if it works?

Sorry man, it’s not so clear what are you saying. I’ve 3 bulbs, 1 white and 2 RGB first version. What are the defects you encountered? If they were offline a few times it could depends from server issue or upgrade (the same happens also on Philips) or more probably it could be related to your router that is not able to manage many devices. Also the wifi signal could be cause of issue