Bedside lamp Generation 1- Cannot connect to the application.

In 2016, I bought this bedside lamp and It worked quite well then. I could control the light via my smartphone without any problem. I kept the light in my shelf for the last 2 years but this new application cannot get a connection with this Yeelight. I tried a number of times and watched that video that explains how to reset the device to me. It didn’t work. This is quite stressful. Well, I know my device is an old model, but I do not want to throw it away yet. I need your help~ please give me any idea…

Could you find a hotspot named like _XMCTD in bluetooth settings from your phone?

Ive found other forums already but my phone doesn’t catch that XMCTD thing.

No I cant find that name on my bluetooth setting. Is that the problem of my lamp?

Have no idea, but if your phone can’t find the hotspots Yeelight app won’t find either.

I am not sure if it is problem of the lamp, do you have other phone and have a check from bluetooth settings?

Hello, i have the same problem with Bedside lamp generation 1. in my case, if it appears in my Bluetooth list “XMCTD_”, but when wanting to pair it, it says error in pairing. Please help!,