Bedside lamp 2 not connecting to server


I have 2 light strips, bulb and a Mi home hub from before and they work fine. I have bought 2 bedside lamps which “time-out” when trying to connect. I am certain that this has to do with the “account-number 32-bit” issue, since my account number is way above that. According to other posts there is an account to be used for firmware update (, but it says wrong username or/and password.

Just to be quite clear. I am working with computers, so basic troubleshooting has already been testet.
I have tried the following:

  • Connecting to all possible servers.
  • Connecting via Yeelight and Mi home app.
  • Connecting via to different networks. One DSL and LTE.
  • Connecting via to different routers.

I can see that the lamp has gotten an IP-address from the DHCP. And the lamp responds to the LAN app.

Is there another account I can use? Or is there another way to update the firmware?

Have a try again, have changed password back.

Perfect!!! Thank you so much! :wink:
Both devices are updated and removed from the “lixin”-account.

Have a great day!