"OLD" Yeelight strip will not connect to App

I have an old Yeelight strip. I recently moved it - I cannot get it to connect to the app. All the online instructions relate to a newer model with a “button” to hold down that I do not have on my controls. Please advise how I can get this working - any ideas?
I also have a light bulb that won’t connect to the app (but at least it still works and is set to a pretty blue)
Many thanks

Which device do you have? Could you show a picture?


Thanks for your email. Please see attached images

Many thanks. I look forward to your response and advice

Hello, Yeelight application don’t support these two devices, please have a try with “Yeelight blue”.

Thank you. Yeelight Blue gives me some control. Colours aren’t spot-on but it’s better than nothing!
Kind regards.

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