Issue: Haoshi LED ceiling light + smart switch. well paired but lights cannot be controlled by the switch

This light has been installed and powered properly as shown is the photo. I can turn on/off light using App and remote controller. And it seems there is no problem of the smart switch because the “on/off” button in the bottom of this switch works well, and it’s well paired with the light.

But unfortunately, the switch doesn’t work. I have bought 5 yeelight ceiling lights and also 5 smart switches. The others work perfectly.

Any suggestion? I will grateful.

Seems like i have the same issue, Yeelight 650 cannot turn on by body sensor or other trigger.

@LeonLi0534 @ishaban.flash

Which server do you select? It seems current firmware version is not the latest and it doesn’t support smart switch.

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I’ve update my topic, region - China, added screen with version.

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Thank you for help. I have chosen Singaporen server but I live in China mainland. This app did not prompt me to update firmware and it said lastest firmware has been updated. Any method to update by manual?

Dose it work?