Yeelight LED Color connection timed out

Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m having issue to connect Yeelight LED Color (YLDP02YL) to MiHome and Yeelight apps. My server location is China.

I can confirm that my WiFi settings are ok. I tried many times to reset the bulb (5 times on and off). I’ve also tried to change router DNS to but still can’t connect.

Any advise/suggestion would be great.

Mi Account: 1593564719

Best regards,

What’s your voltage? Does it match with the bulb?
Has the bulb connected to your router?

Or you can setup a hotspots with another phone, and try connecting the bulb to it to see if it work.

Thanks for you reply. The bulb is connected to the router but then connection timed out.
Hotspots is able to connect but never worked on wifi. Any solutions to solve this problem?

It seems an issue of your ISP, please try changing DNS of your router to and connect again.