Yeelight LED Colour Bulbs not working with Alexa

Hi, my three lights have worked fine for several months. For the last three weeks, despite being responsive and working in the Yeelight Android App the lights become unresponsive within the Alexa App and do not respond to voice commands. I have tried several servers and the issue remains. The only solution has been to disable and then re- enable the skill. This works for a couple of days and then the bulbs are eventually not recognised again.
I’ve also gone through the process of setting up the bulbs with the Yeelight App and then Alexa from the beginning but this hasn’t worked. My bulbs are on the latest firmware version.

My MI ID is: 1813656577. I’m currently on the Singapore Server.

Has anyone found a fix? I’ve seen this issue reported on the reviews for the Yeelight Skill in the Alexa app as well.