Issues between 'Xiaomi Home' and yeelight

Hi, I am having some issues configuring my Yeelight which I have been using for last one year.
I have created some ‘Favourites’ in Yeelight app like static colours and flows. I can easily execute them from Yeelight App.

Now, when I try to access these favourites from ‘Xiaomi Home’ I cannot see them. I used to see them in past and my current automation are working fine but I cannot create new ones.

I have reset the cache of both apps and re logged in but still the problem persists.

I can only see favourites in ‘Xiaomi Home’ which are created in the ‘Xiaomi Home’ app.

I am on the latest firmware of Yeelight and ‘Xiaomi Home’.


Hi can anyone help me with request please.

Mihome and Yeelight don’t share same favorite data cause to some reason, you can create favorite in Mihome also.

Thanks but I have to use flow lights in mihome and I cannot save that. Do you have solution for that please.

I am also facing this type of issue and get useful ideas from Fixed Asus Error Code 55. If you are a ASUS user you will definitely get useful ideas here.