Doesn't work.

The ceiling light 480 just doesn’t work. First the description and manual show a remote, which banggood said was not included. Also it came with a ‘starry’ shade when it was supposed to be plain white. And now I find that every time I turn it off it loses it’s wifi connection and has to be reset! Absolutely useless!! Really disappointed. Banggood have refused to give me a refund. Feel like I’ve been robbed. Won’t buy anything from them or another Yeelight again.

Hmm, how do you turn it off?

With a switch. Off. As in how lights are meant to work. If it needs constant power, then it is useless… if it can’t remember its settings.

You should have bought regular bulb then :slight_smile: They SHOULD be always ON (like as in they need CONSTANT power) and turned off by software or aqara switches etc. That is the point of smart bulbs. how would they be conected to Wifi if not powered?

They should remember their settings when off… That’s why so many here are having problems. Otherwise, you get a power cut and ALL you lights won’t connect?? That’s just stupid. Also no remote was supplied. So you are saying I need to get my phone out, open an app, every time I want to turn it on or off? Seriously?

It should remember the setting. I have no problems when there is power loss. All my bulbs/lights/devices connect. if they don’t I just turn them off, wait 15 minutes and try again and everytime they connect.

Yes, you should get phone out. or get aqara switches, cube, or remote. They are smart bulbs, they should be controlled with zigbee devices or phone. They are not meant to be turned off by physicall switch (except exceptionally i.e. power failure or such). I even don’t hav ephysical switches anymore in my home! Everyting is through zigbee or wifi. And it works just fine.

It doesn’t remember the settings. If your network never goes down or your router crash, or your power never goes out, then you are very lucky and unusual.

My router never crashed… ever. Power goes out … let’s say, max once a year… and it is because I do something and f*cku things up :slight_smile: