Did I get FAKE Yeelight?

Hi, I just received my “Xiaomi Yeelight YILAI YlXD05Yl 32W 480” but it seems way different than on the original pictures. Especialy connection to the ceiling is not with simple click system but it is basic plate which have to be screwed tothe ceiling. Is it fake?

I think the “click” system is only on JIAOYUE lights (ceiling 322/450/480/650). Anyways, iif it works with Yeelight app, it is not a fake :slight_smile:

I have the same one. See my other post, won’t remember wifi when turned off very disappointed.

Did you get a remote?

YILAI has no remote, you can buy it separately. I think that is why it is cheaper (than JIAOYUE )

There was no remote. Plus “Moon” mode basicaly di not exist. In moon mode it us about 50% of luminous flux. Why?! Very disapointing.