Unable to control through IFTT


Hi my light doesn’t respond to iftt triggers for the past 1-2 days. Just noticed LAN control is Off and it won’t stay on if I turn it on. I believe that’s required for IFTT? If not can others confirm IFTT working or not?


There is a problem for scenes in ifttt. If you used scenes that probably the problem.
Unfortunately the staff isn’t responding to the main thread about the ifttt scenes. So no update on if this is being worked on.

If its just turning a light on/off I don’t know. That seems to work fine for me.


At this point I would say if you want to use IFTTT do not buy these lights. There is no indication that they are interested in making them work with IFTTT. I’m considering the lights that I have bought as a sunk cost and a lesson learned.


To be honest, I am using them most of the time without ifttt. But I’d like to have some of those features. Not wasted money for me, but huge dissapointment.


Had fixed some bugs,please reconnect XIAOMI account,and try again.
Very sorry for this.