Xiaomi Yeelight Bath Heater

I see, it looks in keeping with plugin in mihome, it means “Fan”.

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Hi, can you upload a copy of the manual for the unit? I having trouble syncing the wall remote to the unit and I can find it on the Xaoimi Home app, this is for Yeelight Staff

Hello, what’s your problem for detail?


I am going to install this bathroom heater within several days.

I found info that the motor is very reliable. However I also found information about hours it works. More than 1500 hours. Is this true or this is the mistake?

Because 1500 hours is about 2 months of constant work. And compared to others, for example, Soler Palau silent 100 cz (which is a basic version) they guarantee more than 30 000 hours of work. I am not talking about professional fans.

Please clarify what is real. Here is the link


I found info on some websites, that motor lifespan is 15000 hours. This is also not reliable to my mind. Only 2-3 years of active ventilation.

My inline duct ventilator guarantees 67000 hours of motor lifespan.

However, enough about too optimistic marketing of “reliable” motor.

I cannot understand how the motor is dust protected? I have not noticed any dust protection. That means that motor will become dirty and the dirt may unbalance it, reducing even more motor’s lifespan.

I also understand that the motor is not detachable, so it is impossible to clean it in a normal way.

All this leaves not very good impression. Hope Yeelight staff will be able to cover all these issues in future, or probably clarifying these issues in this bath heater.

15000 hours is 1.7 years. It would last a lifetime for the average usage. These are not intended as a 24/7 vent solution like your duct fan! You are supposed to use it while you do your business or take a shower, something like that.

When Soler Palau Silent 100 CZ says it is reliable, they write 30 000 hours. and it is not inline duct system.

So please do not tell me about the regular usage. Fan is fan, and compared to other fans (quite standard) it is not as reliable as it is stated in the advertisement. One should think about it.

It’s the same old you get what you pay for. It’s pretty cheap even for a regular dumb bathroom heater and you get all the smart features.

I’m not recommending or disrecommending it. I have one of these myself and I didn’t even think about the motor life before purchase. Now that you mentioned it, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m more concerned about the Wifi part failing

It is neither cheap nor expensive. There is nothing outstanding there, except mihome connection.

Regarding fan, I am not expressing an opinion, I am telling the fact by means of direct comparison. So there is nothing more to say about it. It is just not reliable for a normal fan.

Sure 15000 hours is probably entry level. Certainly not premium. I think “durable” is a better word. It can be reliable as long as it doesn’t break down before 15000 hours.



could someone explain how each button on the remote control works?

Thanks in advance!

Heater Vent Dryer Fan
Swing (Fan speed)+ - Off

“Dryer” means cycling between heater and vent every 5 min for 30 min or something like that.
Swing only works when you have the pro version

See above

Great! Thank you!

So the second button Vent means it will pull out the air from the room.

And the 4th in the first row Fan means it circulates the air inside, without pulling the air out to the exhaust pipe?

Yes. Air movement is the same for “heater” and “fan”, with air blown down. Air is sucked from the rim of the LED light and can then go either back down or out through the pipe depending on the position of a three-way “switch”.

See above. don’t know why the reply-to user name disappears after sending

Here is how I attached it to the ceiling.

It is quite noisy for sleeping. But in general it is ok.

Does anyone know what the volume ventilation (m3/hour) at the first and the second speed? The third it is 240, and for turbo it is 300.

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I protected motor with dust filter (G4) like this. I expect the dust filter will serve for a year or some more, and then changed again.

It probably affects suction power but an A4 paper still attached at the first gear.